Paige M.  
My journey to Carlson College of Massage Therapy and beyond......(continued)

I knew this was my soul purpose. Massage Therapy had always been a career path I considered and my heart began pulling me in that direction.  After my daughter had just turned two, my husband deployed to Iraq.  It was then that I decided to so what my heart was asking of me.  I did my research, visited schools in the area, met with many instructors and in the end finally made my decision to attend CCMT.  I am so grateful I did!  Click here to read more
We are lucky enough to have a massage school in our area of such high quality as CCMT.  I was thoroughly impressed by CCMT from the beginning.  From the admission process through the first few weeks of class, I quickly discovered the rumor in the community was true--CCMT's education was top notch!  It could be intense at times but the rewards from the process was undeniable.  I soon began to view my classmates as family and my instructors as trusted mentors. I never felt that I was "in this alone" as my instructors kindly guided me along the way if I ever felt overwhelmed or if i needed extra guidance. Each instructor's apparent desire was to give 100% of themselves to the process.  They made themselves available before and after class to help us practice our techniques or to answer questions regarding class material. However, I suppose the aspect of CCMT that I admire most, was its second to none, outstanding curriculum.  At the end of this amazing ride I felt completely confident I would pass the licensing exam and could step out in the real world as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  Every adventure that the instructors provided us was a means to an end.  Each one has been in the profession and knew what it took to be successful.  It was my choice to take that knowledge and build my own success story. 
Paige is proud (and we are proud her her too) to be an owner of Illuminations Healing Arts Center in the Newbo district in Cedar Rapids, IA.  She works with several Carlson grads sharing the gift of healing energy.