Facilitated Stretching for Massage Therapists
80% hands-on
need massage tables, linens, and bolsters or pillows.
Dress for stretching and exercise

Course Description:

Massage therapists often feel they don’t have the training or expertise to correctly perform stretches and avoid incorporating them into their sessions. They may also avoid including stretches for their clients because they seem to strenuous. Facilitated Stretching is a safe, simple, yet dramatically effective stretching technique that can be used with a wide variety of clients to regain or improve flexibility. This method of stretching is easy on the therapist, engages the client in the process, and can be easily to incorporated into a massage session.

Facilitated stretching, combined with soft tissue work, will enable the practitioner to obtain greater overall success in client treatment sessions.  Additionally, a program of self-stretching using these techniques can be invaluable for clients in their home stretching programs.

Learning Objectives:


At the end of this workshop, participants will:

1. Be able to discuss the theoretical basis and principles underlying the development and use of Facilitated Stretching.
2. Be able to perform effective facilitated stretches for the muscle groups covered in class.

3. Display competence using partner-stretching techniques with clients and self-stretching techniques to teach them to use at home.

4. Be able to list the safety factors in the use of facilitated stretches.

5. Demonstrate proper biomechanics for the practitioner in the application of facilitated stretches.

Recommended Text:

Facilitated Stretching, 4th edition

Robert E. McAtee and Jeff Charland

Human Kinetics Publishers