What can you do after taking a STRAIT Method Scar Release Course?

Work with confidence on surgical and injury scar tissue.
Refine your current practice and treat clients more effectively.
Treat recovering Cancer (Oncology) patients & Burn survivors.
Recognize and release adhesions/restrictions that your clients never paid attention to or considered an issue.
Assess and design a comprehensive rehab treatment plan.
Gain the trust and confidence of your clients with your knowledge and understanding of their journey.
Change lives on a daily basis.

What you will learn in this course:

The long- and short-term effects of scar tissue — from the physiological to the psychological.
Which orthopedic and neurological factors to take into account when working with a new patient.
The indications and contraindications for Scar-Tissue Release Therapy relating to diseases, injuries, joint replacements, and aging factors.
The art of effective client communication.
Introduction to Integrated Therapeutic Stretching.
Find out how to assess fascial restrictions throughout the body and how to breakdown scar tissue and adhesions — from superficial to deep fascia.

Plan now to join us for this outstanding class! We fully expect this class held at Carlson College of Massage Therapy in Anamosa, Iowa to sell out as we are currently Marjorie's only Midwest host in 2022!

Cost: $750
24 CEUs


Receive solid training in the physiological and anatomical effects and principles of fascial restrictions, scar tissue and adhesions, the latest research on fascia and Biotensegrity, as well as the skills to apply the STRAIT Method™ in your private practice.

The STRAIT Method™ Scar Tissue Release Seminar
Foundations (pre-requisite for all other levels)
Carlson College of Massage Therapy
Sat October 15 THROUGH Monday Oct 17, 2022   

8:30AM-5:30PM each day