Lymphatic Massage 1: Connecting to the River Within 

16 CE Hours

Wahneta Dimmer and Lauren Parsons​

Class Description:

The lymphatic system is a dynamic system yet so neglected. It overlaps with the Gut and the Brain, it is our first line of defense against foreign invaders and even keeps us alive in life threatening events!  Imagine the value we can bring to our clients by engaging with the lymphatic system.  

Class includes manual, lecture, discussion, instructor demos and hands-on trades.  Learn Anatomy and Function of the Lymphatic system and how to apply knowledge, intuition and superior palpation skills to encourage the flow of lymph returning the body to homeostasis.  Class also includes indications, contraindications and precautions of Manual Lymph Drainage Techniques. 

Learn in a dynamic co-teaching environment with Wahneta Dimmer, LMT and Lauren Parsons, LMT.