Course Title: Trauma-Informed Care for Massage Therapists and Body Workers 


This course provides information on how the brain processes trauma or high stress situations, and how that can create long-term impacts.  It includes crucial self-care information that anyone can begin to use immediately to address stress impact in their own life.  Throughout the course, you will learn about how to use this understanding of the brain to promote understanding and compassion, both in your work and your life. (This course does not have a hands-on component). 

Course length – 5 credit hours 

Learning Objectives: 

Understand the process of traumatic events in the brain 
Understand that trauma can be stored in the body – and what that means for massage therapists. 
Learn the functions of the reptilian brain in trauma. 
Build an awareness of your own responses to personal ‘triggers’ and the importance of having a self-care plan. 
Recognizing common signs that someone may be in a trigger reaction – and steps you can take to help them re-establish safety. 
Gain an understanding of the necessity of managing your self-care in the process of helping others as a massage therapist. 
Learning the wider applications for this information across other roles and relationships. 

Presenter Bio: 

I began my career as a Rehabilitation Counselor, working to assist individuals with disabilities to find employment.  Over time, I began to research the long-term impacts of trauma, and eventually developed the Trauma-Informed Care program for the agency where I was working.  It was the process of researching and training human service workers regarding trauma – especially the fact that trauma is frequently stored in the body - that lead me to become a massage therapist.  Now, I am combining my research and three years training human service workers with my experience as a massage therapist to assist other therapists in gaining valuable insight into how our experiences impact us.