Ashiatsu Level One  16 CEU's 

Ahh…shiatsu® Bar Therapy massage is a trademarked form of Ashiatsu Bar Therapy. The massage therapist applies their feet to the body of the client. Thereby, giving the hands and thumbs a rest. Ashiatsu is an art, where the feet glide over the contours of the client’s body. The pressure can be as light as a Swedish massage or the deepest massage a therapist can give. We change and adjust our course program to fit your needs. The workshop focuses on the hands(FEET) on technique of Ashiatsu.

Ashi-Stretch 16 CEU's 

How about learning to use your Ashiatsu bars to deliver some Thai-style stretches? I have been using facilitated stretching in my massage practice for years with fabulous results. Using the overhead or floor bars makes this type of bodywork nearly effortless. No more bending over at the waist and risking injury to your own body for some big, full-body stretches.

This technique is great to add to your current Ashiatsu protocol or as a stand-alone service. Clients can stay fully dressed while you work your magic in a sequence of stretches and compressions designed to help relieve pain!

What you need to bring for class: Therapists, wear loose, comfortable clothing. Your feet do not need to be freshly pedicured as this technique can be performed with socks on. We will break for lunch – please bring drinks and snacks if needed.

​No other Ashiatsu experience is required for taking this course.

Intro to Barefoot Massage 

It is a combination of Fijian Barefoot, Barefoot Stretch, and Ashiatsu with no bars. Designed to introduce you to the 3 different techniques of Barefoot Massage.

Class descriptions for:  Intro to Ashiatu, Ashi Stretch and Intro to Barefoot Massage