Our Clinic OPENS on Saturday, June 2nd! 

Starting June 18th through August 4 

Monday 9am-9:00pm (last massage begins at 7:30pm)

Tuesday 9am-4:00pm (last massage begins at 2:30pm)

Wednesday CLOSED/limited availability

Thursday 1pm-9:00pm (last massage begins at 7:30pm)

Friday 9am-2:00 (last massage begins at 1:00pm)

Saturday 9am-4pm (last massage begins at 2:15pm)

Sunday Clinic is closed

​​PLEASE CALL US AT (319) 462-3402 to schedule

a time that best works for you!

The fee for an hour student massage is $30. Graduate one hour massages are $40
Payment is made directly to the student/graduate in the form cash or personal check (no debit cards or credit cards).      

cody perfecting his techniques in preparation for clinic (jessica observing). 

An hour massage with one of our students is only $30.  

NEW...we are offering Graduate massages!  One hour sesison with a licensed massage therapist for only $40!  

​payment is made directly to the student/graduate.    

please pay with cash or paper check (no debit cards or credit cards are accepted for payment).                Gift certificates are available!