Jo Curley
Agape Therapy (Cedar Falls and Waterloo) and home based business (Fairbank)

Jo is a graduate from our Fall Full Time 2017 program. After being an Athletic Trainer for 15 years, massage therapy was the perfect addition to her previous education.
Jo felt that CCMT was an obvious choice due to the inclusion of therapeutic and alternative styles of massage techniques in our curriculum. Jo committed to our program and felt the one hour and twenty minute commute (one way) was well worth it. She found that the six months went so fast and with her four kids at home the drive became a great time to listen to YouTube study questions and get a little separation between school life and home life.

Jo is working at Agape Physical Therapy Clinic in Cedar Falls and Waterloo as a massage therapist and wellness specialist. She loves working at the new Agape Performance location using massage therapy to enhance athletic performance!
With the great family support system through it all, Jo thrived in our program! In retrospect the only thing she says she would change is that she would have attended CCMT earlier in her career!!

Congratulations Jo on a great career in massage therapy. Keep up the awesome work in the Cedar Falls and Waterloo area. We are proud to have you as a CCMT graduate.

Terry Tikovitsch
River Reflections (Iowa Falls, IA)

An encore career! Terry joined our Spring Full Time 2015 program following nine years as the director of the local library in Iowa Falls. Today Terry is enjoying a career in massage therapy that is on her terms. She works as much (or as little) as she wants and that suites her PERFECTLY. Terry set up her business out of her home which has a wonderful backyard that borders the Iowa River. An oasis to enjoy with her clients and the basis for her business name, River Reflections.

We are so proud of you, Terry. Thank you for representing CCMT and the massage profession so wonderfully. Keep up the great work!

Providing an exceptional massage therapy education for a career you will love while helping others!  
Let us put a profession into your hands! 

McKenzie Kruchten 
Finding Balance Therapeutic Massage (Johnston, IA)

McKenzie is a 2014 graduate of CCMT. She came to us at a time that she needed a change in her career and wished to do something more personally meaningful. She found that working in the corporate world was incredibly stressful and it was not providing the life purpose she wanted. She wanted to help others. A career in massage therapy could provide that inner connection she was needing and wanting in her work. Married, with two kids under 10 years old and working full time, McKenzie joined our part time program. The CCMT Part Time program meets in the evening and the scheduled Saturdays. It was a perfect match for her busy life. Now McKenzie has a career that completes her! She works full time in Johnston, Iowa in her own business, Finding Balance Therapeutic Massage.

We are so proud of you, McKenzie. Thank you for representing CCMT and the massage profession so wonderfully. Keep up the great work!

Elizabeth Brunsman
Ivory Roots (Dyersville, Ia)

Liz graduated from our full time program the spring of 2015. Originally looking to create a flexible work schedule suitable with the ever changing hours of nursing school, Liz quickly fell in love with the preventive/ pain management aspects of massage therapy. Choosing to make it her full time career, she has used those flexible hours to begin a family and expand her own practice.

With the tools provided by CCMT, Liz was able to start her own small business immediately after graduation. Rapidly gaining clientele and building a good foundation within her community.

Now, four years later, Liz will be expanding her practice. Hiring other licensed massage therapists and integrating yoga along with other holistic aspects in to her business, Ivory Roots.

What started out as a stepping stone to her nursing career has now flourished in to a dream she never thought imaginable. "Doors keep opening thanks to my education at Carlson. Clients notice a difference and that has led me down a very fulfilling and lucrative path that would not have been possible had I gone anywhere else. I only hope to find more Carlson graduates to join me in this new endeavor!"- Liz

Liz is a graduate we are proud of in so many ways! Congratulations Liz on finding your dream career in massage therapy and for making your work your passion! We are so blessed to have you representing CCMT and the massage profession.

Nathan Porter
Lifetime Athletic Club (Urbandale, IA)

Nathan is a graduate from our Spring Full Time 2017 program. Nathan came to us after he experienced a labrum tear in his left shoulder. During the rehabilitation from that injury he found massage to be a critical component in his care. In his previous work as a CNA, Nathan loved the patient care and found the relationships to be rewarding. These experiences, along with Nathan’s fascination with the human body, led him to investigate a career as a massage therapist.

While living in the Des Moines area, Nathan began interviewing massage therapists and researching schools online to find the school that best fit his career goals. The feedback he received was that attending Carlson College of Massage Therapy would best align with his professional goal of working in a rehabilitative and sport performance setting after graduation. We could not have been happier that Nathan choose to attend CCMT!

Shortly after graduation Nathan took his talents to Lifetime Athletic Club in Urbandale where he is predominately working with athletes to assist them to return to peak performance following an injury or pain. “Everyday is something new and I use my CCMT massage techniques daily. I love trouble shooting a client’s problem area and finding the root cause of their pain. I enjoy showing them ways to isolate areas with stretches, and now that I have my Pilates instructor certification, I am recommending corrective exercises too.”

A bonus to this whole story is that while Nathan was attending school he met his girlfriend, Savanna Lawson. They now live together in Urbandale both enjoying their careers in massage therapy!

Nathan, we are so proud of the young man you are and the work you are doing. Thank you for choosing Carlson College of Massage Therapy and congratulations on your personal and professional successes.

Graduate Spotlight
Chantal (Channy) Sheridan
Hands in Harmony (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Channy is a graduate from our Fall Part Time 2015 program. Channy knew since she was a child that she wanted to do something with her life that was meaningful and something that helped others. Massage therapy was the answer to her personal life puzzle.

After graduating in the fall of 2016, Channy took her passion to help others and her awesome massage skills and joined the team at Hands in Harmony. It is there that Channy and her family of massage therapists provide outstanding care to the corridor.

Fast forward to today.....Channy is a new mother to Brynlee (what a cutie!). Her career as a licensed massage therapist allows a great balance between working and being a parent. We are guessing Brynlee is benefiting from the Infant Massage portion of our curriculum!

Channy we are so proud of the life you have created with your massage education. Brynlee is a lucky little girl to have a mommy like you to look up to!


Jon Barkalow
Massage Heights (Cedar Rapids, IA)

Jon graduated high school in 2017 and joined our Fall Full Time 2017 program a few months later. As a child Jon shared the gift of touch with family and friends and was told by many that he really had a knack for massage. Jon knew he wanted to do something with his life that made a difference...massage was the answer!

Jon is enjoying a great career in massage therapy working as an employee at Massage Heights in Cedar Rapids, IA. He is finding the work very rewarding, loving the fact he is helping others every day, and enjoys the franchise atmosphere and his co-workers!

Jon, we are so proud and impressed with you! You represent CCMT and the massage profession so wonderfully. Keep up the great work!