Course Category:  Therapeutic Massage

Course Type: Hands on/Live/ In Person

Course Description

Participants will learn a unique combination of strokes that involve the advancement of techniques of a circulatory based massage. These advance techniques will be combined with non-invasive approach to the back work the “Carlson Way”.   

Participants will be introduced to the following advanced techniques:

Neuromuscular Techniques to include: Cross fiber friction, longitudinal friction  and circular friction.  These techniques will be utilized in multiple areas of the body including glute compartment, lumbar region, thoracic region, and cervical region. 

Myofascial techniques will address the lumbar region, thoracic region, and cervical region 

Proper body mechanics utilizing full body movement with the work


Dr. Muscolino is a licensed chiropractic physician and teaches anatomy, physiology, and nutrition at Purchase College, State University of New York (SUNY). Dr. Joe Muscolino also taught kinesiology and musculoskeletal and visceral anatomy, physiology, and pathology courses at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT) from 1986 - 2010. 

Dr. Muscolino is also an approved provider by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) for continuing education (CE) credit for massage therapists and bodyworkers and runs numerous advanced study workshops, including deep tissue, advanced stretching, Arthrofascial Stretching (AFS) - Soft Tissue Joint Mobilization, and palpation workshops, as well as cadaver labs.

He also runs in-services for instructors of massage therapy, covering topics such as how to teach muscles, muscle palpation, kinesiology, and more; as well as in-services for Pilates and yoga instructors and fitness trainers on all subjects of musculoskeletal anatomy and physiology, and kinesiology.

Dr. Muscolino has a private Chiropractic practice in Stamford, CT.

Dr. Muscolino is the author of eight major publications with Mosby of Elsevier Science.

The Muscle and Bone Palpation Manual with Trigger Points, Referral Patterns, and Stretching

Mosby's Trigger Point Flip Chart with Referral Patterns and Stretching 
The Muscular System Manual, The Skeletal Muscles of the Human Body, 3rd edition
Musculoskeletal Anatomy Coloring Book, 2nd Edition
Flashcards for Palpation, Trigger Points, and Referral Patterns
Musculoskeletal Anatomy Flashcards, 2nd Edition

Kinesiology, The Skeletal System and Muscle Function, 2nd Edition
Flashcards For Bones, Joints, and Actions of the Human Body, 2nd Edition 

Swedish: The Carlson Way!

The Back

8 CE hours

Presenter: Chris Rider, BS, LMT