Class descriptions for all Susan Salvo CE offerings 

The Business of Massage  
​Friday, April 26     6:00pm-8:00pm

The digital age and has changed the way we do business. To stay competitive, therapists must keep up with cutting edge technologies while retaining the soft skills of compassion, communication, and ethics often lost in electronic communications. With a host of business awards, massage expert Susan Salvo will deliver one of the best businesses class you have ever taken. She combines tried-and-true basics of personal service with innovative digital technologies – websites, blogs, social media, apps, and more. This class will show you how to apply your “soft side” to business and marketing.

Massage for Temporomandibular Disorders
​Saturday, April 27th      8:00am-12:00pm         

​Do your clients have temporomandibular disorders? Chances are the answer is YES. TMD affects 35 million people in the United States. Come learn a series of techniques to address TMD pain and dysfunction. Susan will discuss the causes, signs, symptoms, and commonly used medical interventions to treat TMD. She blends a variety of techniques such as traditional massage, neuromuscular, craniosacral, trigger point therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and Trager techniques into a fantastic routine. Endangerment sites are also discussed. This class does include intraoral massage— non-latex gloves will be provided. Susan includes aftercare and activities clients can do at home to improve treatment outcomes.

Body Mobilization Techniques: Lower Back/Lower Extremity
​Saturday, April 27th      1:00pm-5:00pm          

Body mobilization techniques (BMT) is use of passive body movements and principles of neuroscience and the biopsychosocial model to reduce pain, decrease stress, and improve function. BMT is gentle enough for children and the elderly and, because of its non-invasive nature, appropriate for clients dealing with psychosocial issues such as anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder, and all types of rehabilitation. BMT is portable and practical, does not require special equipment, and clients remain clothed. This method can be combined with other techniques or used exclusively in a session. Come learn how to revolutionize your treatment protocols and improve treatment outcomes.

Pathology and Massage: Degenerative, Infectious, and Autoimmune Diseases
​Sunday, April 28th      8:00am-12:00pm         

Degenerative, infectious, and autoimmune diseases are among the most prevalent diseases in the United States. Learn more about these common diseases, their complications, and their treatment measures including medication use. Also included are discussions of massage modifications for impairments and disabilities. You will formulate client-centered and condition-appropriate treatment plans which may include modifications of client position and/or technique. This information-packed course will give you the tools you need to better serve your clients.

Massage and Research: Bridging the Research to Practice Gap
​Sunday, April 28th      1:00pm-5:00pm  

Research has become a vital part of our profession. Author, researcher, and practicing massage therapist Susan Salvo will take you through the research process, explore how scientific investigations are conducted, and demonstrate how to determine which studies warrant a change in protocol. Learn ways to search for evidence and use findings to answer clinical questions to improve your own treatment outcomes. This class will deepen your understanding of massage and improve the safety and efficacy of your practice. This is a great class for all levels of therapists including massage students, re
cent graduates, and veteran massage therapists.